Core Advisory Services

We have always relied heavily on core analysis data to calibrate our petrophysical models and provide ground truth for field studies.  However, the quality of core data varies widely.  Acquisition and analysis of core is very expensive so it is important to derive the maximum benefit from core.  We are pleased that Dan Fargo has joined us as our Global Business Development Manager but also as our resident expert on core acquisition, handling, and analysis.  Dan is available to advise clients on designing the most cost-effective coring programs to meet their goals for taking core, including selection of the most appropriate core system for the reservoir conditions, strategy for sampling, analytical methodologies, core preservation, and the advantages of special core analysis procedures. Dan can also help make sense of older core data in the files.

Dan teaches a course in Coring and Core Analysis which will be offered in Bakersfield in the spring of 2016.  Contact him or check back here for more information.