Why are we different from the others,
and the right choice for you?

Our senior staff has a beginning-to-end understanding of the reservoir characterization process, from the geologic framework through distribution of properties in the field and reservoir modeling, to development planning, surveillance, economics, and business decisions.  We've been there, done that, and bring our practical experience to all of our projects.


We start a project by listening to learn what your problems are, and then we work with you to build the solution you need.  Often that involves innovation and new ways of approaching the problem - our diverse team of highly experienced professionals is very good at "thinking outside the box" to find insights into reservoir behavior and practical cost-effective answers.

Every dollar counts right now and it may seem that outside services are a luxury.  But lingering problems or missed opportunities can be costing you money.  Let one of our professionals discuss with you how a focused project directed towards addressing these problems or identifying these opportunities could pay off in better economics.  
This could be a good time for some training and staff development targeted to California technical problems and fields - our courses are based on our extensive local experience and provide tools and knowlege you can use immediately.

Petrophysics is the vital link that takes geological concepts and translates them to engineering data

Our founders are experienced E&P geologists who are also expert petrophysicists, a combination that is most effective in developing field study analytical methods that actually generate accurate reservoir properties for modeling. A solid reservoir description is the basis for everything else we do in the oilfield.